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Pu Tensioned Screens

Polyurethane screens/Steel Core Polyurethane Screen 

Polyurethane Wire Screen /Polyurethane Coated Wire Screen has high tensile strength and  excellent abrasion resistance. Its smooth surface and self-cleaning aperture can eliminate pegging or blinding.

Steel core polyurethane screen is made of steel wire inside and polyurethane outside, 
Compared with modular polyurethane screen, the steel core polyurethane screen mesh is flexible and soft. The tensioned hooks can help the screen to be fastened to the vibrating screens easily.

Material: steel wire inside and polyurethane outside.
Wire diameter: 2.5mm - 10mm.
Hole type: square or rectangular.
Hole size: 3mm - 50mm.
Panel size:
Width: max. 2m.
Length: max. 5m.
Hook type: metal or polyurethane.

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