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Poly ripple screens / Self cleaning screens D

Harp wire screens/self cleaning screens/anti clogging screens.

Harp wire screens is a kind of metal wire screens, also called self cleaning screens Due to its structure –the highly abrasion resistant polyurethane strips combine the individual wires and allow them to vibrate independently atdifferent frequencies,preventing material accumulating between the wires and allowing the self cleaning effect.they are characterized by very good self-cleaning properties.

Material: High Abrasion-resistant, high durability spring steel, stainless steel , rubber or polyurethane lacings.
Mesh: 1.0 – 35.0 mm (Square or triangular hole)
Wire:  Ø 0.5-6.30mm
Dimensions:Screens produced only in sheets with tension hooks. Max. width 2500 mm. Max. length 4000 mm.

Benefits of our self cleaning screens: 
more than 40% screen capacity than traditional woven wire screens; 
Avoid blinding, pegging and clogging the holes;
more than 5 times longer than traditional woven wire screens;

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