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SWECO Wire Screens

SWECO Wire Screens/Rectangular Screens/Hook & Bonded Edge Screens.

We can supply Over Hooks screens and With Bond screens designed to fit virtually any rectangular vibratory separator and gyratory sifter on the market. OverHook screens are available in a variety of hook styles and configurations to meet the most stringent requirements. Standard hooks are galvanized steel or optional stainless steel. 

With Bond Sifter screens are supplied in various sizes for general purpose applications and high-strength grommet styles for auto-tensioning units. Most hook or sifter screen installations require edging or center strip materials to provide the best screen life, 

we offers edging in PU/PVC compliant canvas and vinyl edging for process temperatures up to 95°. For applications over 95° a white high-temp edging is available.

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