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Conveyor belt

Conveyor belts

The general conveyor belts enables application in all areas of materials handling. Due to the carcass construction and quality of cover, these belts are noted for their reliability and long life in all industrial applications, either for general purposes or handling of sharp-edged and extremely abrasive materials.


The construction of general purpose conveyor belts:

  multi-ply EP carcass (warp polyester + weft polyamide)

  special rubber layer with good fabric adhesion properties (skimmed layer)

  high abrasion resistant cover

  special quality of cover on request


General purpose conveyor belts are suitable for:

  sand, gravel, stone industry

  cement, concrete plants

  heating and power stations, garbage incineration plants

  road construction machinery

  recycling, compost industry, mineral processing plants

  slag conveyors 


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