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Poly Spray Nozzles

Poly Spray Nozzles
Poly Spray Nozzles are used specifically for practical screening applications. They are tough, corrosion and abrasion resistant and will not block easily. The fan shapped spray forms a curtain of water that distributes a high volume of water at 120 degrees evenly for a variety of applications over the production or screening surface. However, Kosin recommends installation of a protective strainer with approximately 1.0 mm aperture mesh at the water supply inlet.

Designed for wet screening and dust control applications
Standard 3/4" BSPM Couplings
These rugged and reliable polyurethane spray nozzles will stay firmly fixed to your spray bar.
The integral, molded-in spray orifice delivers dependable, constant spray volume and spray width to the material bed
Fans cannot be separated from the nozzle. Your screens will never be ruined by direct spray because of a displaced fan

Available sizes :
Green: 5mm
Blue: 7mm
Yellow: 9mm
Red: 11mm

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